Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

First of all, sorry about not posting as much as I should-life is SO crazy right now. I am trying to keep up with school and my ICU rotation which is pretty intense this semester. The girls at my apartment decided to take a break Monday and we celebrated Martin Luther King day by going to Zupas. I've never been but it was delicious! Just that they give you a chocolate dipped strawberry makes it one of my new favorite spots:) For FHE, we went to one of our bishopric members houses. On the way, we found a radio station that was playing Martin Luther Kings speeches. Overall, it was a great Holiday-HAPPY Martin Luther King Day everybody!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in Rexburg

Using the cookie cutters!

Apparently snicker doodle dough and sugar cookie dough are not the same! haha but look at the top you can see my name :)

I told Dad I would put up  a picture in my nursing uniform! Thanks for the help pops!

Full Uniform Ready to go Baby! ;)

Sorry guys its been a while since last time but I am getting back into the weekly post hopefully! I am still loving rexburg but it is super cold! I miss you all like crazy and want to see you all again! For the most part i will see you guys in February (minus the desert Newmans) Hope you guys all have a great week! Once i get pictures of my new roommates I will post them so you can see who they are!
Luv ur guts
-Sara :)