Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back From The Frozen Tundra!

Good Bye Apartment 505

Getting Ready for Christmas :) We are the elves

Sleepover in the Living Room

Rafi made us a traditional yule log cake... delicious!

Santa came to visit and brought us all presents

Jamies are on .... let the party begin! WAHOOO :)

Me and Erianne "parking lot surfing"
I am back for the break WAHOOOO! Its good to be out of Rexburg because it is freeezing! brrrr... I am loving not having to do homework and just playing with Brit and everyone else. Next Semester will be crazy when I start nursing school and the fact that I have 5 new roomates. Scary! haha but hopefully it will all be good! Before we left Rexburg all my roommates and I had a Christmas party so i thought i would share some pictures with you all! :) 
Love you all and hope to see you soon! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Silly girls...

Just a quick post this week....

My girls are so silly!

Here is Annalie pretending to be a "alien monster" whatever that is.

Brooklyn is just a cutie...and she is starting to babble and giggle like crazy!

And the morning after we went to see the temple lights, Annalie came out of her room like this:

...she told me she "looked like a missionary" What a character!!

Anywho, hope you all are doing well. Can't wait to see you all again.

P.S. Can you believe that this was only a year ago??? It seems like forever ago and yet it was just yesterday. Wow!! Gotta love Brookie's expression! :D

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, as I am sure you all know, last weekend was Thanksgiving. I hope that you all had a good time making memories with friends and family.

Our week was so crazy, I didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving until late that morning. Sad isn't it?

Our week was filled with sick little kids again. Brooklyn went to the doctor again last Monday. They put her on an antibiotic and an oral steroid in addition to her breathing treatments.

Tuesday night little Annalie got sick - that alone was quiet the experience at our house. Annalie and I ended up camped out on the front room floor so that Daddy could sleep.

Thankfully, it only lasted the one night. Brooklyn sure enjoyed the toast for breakfast though.

After spending most of the day watching movies and sleeping, Annalie was up and ready to go by the time Nick got home from school.

Nick decided it would be nice to spend some time alone with Annalie, so they bundled up and went for a walk to see the stars.

Then they came home and shared hot chocolate and donuts.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I felt bad that I didn't get to help prepare dinner, but was so grateful that my family let us come over even with recently sick kiddos.

Friday, Annalie helped mommy put up the tree while Brooklyn took a nap. Every time I did something to it, she would yell, "Daddy, YOU'VE GOTTA COME SEE THIS!!"

Brookie sure enjoyed the little Bumble after she got up.

Saturday we woke up to a feverish little Brooklyn. Nick and my dad ended up giving her a blessing. She has been on quite the little health ride over the past month and I just felt so bad for her.

She spent most of the day like this:

While Annalie and Daddy spent the day like this:

Sunday was better and we were happy to have everyone feeling good for the day.

This morning, Annalie woke up stuffed-up and coughing. I guess life continues.

It sure does make you cherish the times when everyone is healthy and happy. I guess that's why we have times like this: so that we can be grateful for the good times and learn to find joy and happiness in each and every experience.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Life is funny. Just as you think you have things under control...everything goes out of control. So, I will try and make up for missing last week's posting day and summarize two weeks quickly.

Nick has been SO busy. I think we have seen him...well, I lied, we really haven't for the past two weeks. As the end of the semester approaches rapidly, all the projects and culminating activities are due this week (yes, the week of Thanksgiving). After that, he should be in the clear with only one more week before finals.

Annalie is having severe Daddy withdrawls. Nick finally got to be home while the girls were awake on Thursday night. He played with her for a bit before we went to bed. When she got up Friday morning, he was already gone to school. She said, "Where is he?!" When I told her daddy went to class, she said, "I don't like you mommy! I only like my daddy! And I don't like my Brookie and I don't like myself!!" Wow. Quite the frustrated little thing, eh?

She has even tried to pack up and go to his group project meetings on Sunday afternoons.

On a side note, we have been trying to fill the time without daddy with fun projects. We have been counting down the days to Thanksgiving with our "Thankful Turkey Cards". Each day we get to be thankful for something and do an activity to remind us about it. Then we add a feather to our thankful turkey when we finish our activity.

This week, we were thankful for turkeys. Look at the cute turkey Annalie made all by herself.

We also got to be thankful for our hands and had "fun" finger painting with pudding.

Brooklyn has discovered climbing and LOVES the rocking chair (and the stairs at my parents house, but that one scares me).

Brooklyn also spent all day yesterday struggling to breathe. So I finally broke down and took her to the after-hours pediatrician at 6 when they opened last night. According the pediatrician her lungs "sound like a chimney" whatever that means...I'm assuming it meant they didn't sound too good. So, now the poor little thing is stuck on breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. She tolerates them pretty well and they seem to be helping a little.

So...we are just is good. Keeping on, keeping on. Hope you all have a wonderful week. We love and miss you!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crepe Night

Hey Guys!!! Sorry i havent put anything up here in FOREVER! Life is so crazy and I seem to just barely be keeping up. School is going great and I am loving life- My roommates are awesome and we have so much fun together. Here are some pics of our crepe night we had the other day because they had to do a french cultural activity for their French Classes. For future reference, Crepes + nutella +bannanas + whipped cream = Heavenly Deliciousness! Love you all!
My Awesome Crepe flipping skills

Left to right: Our friend Jenna, my roomates Bethany and Natassja getting ready for some yummy crepes!

Me, Bethany and Jessica getting ready to listen to some awesome French music (so they could count this as a French activity;))

Banannas, Nutella, Whipped cream= Brittany is one happy girl:)

Monday, November 8, 2010


So, sorry I'm late. Yesterday was nuts and I just didn't get to the computer.

This week:

1) Annalie got her first haircut (thank you Grams).

2) Brooklyn discovered "climbing." She was so proud of herself for getting all the way up there.

3) We found a rabbit in our house...the bunny apparently likes the fridge too.

4) Brooklyn decided she likes to chase lions.

5) Annalie decided she doesn't like letting Brooklyn chase lions.

6) Annalie finally decided Sparky is ok.

(doesn't she look like Nick in this picture??)

All in all, it's been a good week. Nick is keeping busy with school and is looking forward to Thanksgiving for a small break. He is considering graduating in August and completing his capstone project by spending the summer in D.C. What an exciting experience that would be for him. We'll let you all know when he decides what he is doing for sure.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love and miss you! Sending warm wishes from ever-so-still-sunny Arizona! :D


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eerily Grateful...

So, as I am sure everyone has heard, Brooklyn had a rough week. I didn't get much sleep (neither did Brooklyn or Nick for that matter). And I pretty much didn't get anything really productive accomplished. (Please ignore the yucky nose in the picture and focus on the two cute little pearly-whites poking through).

I called the doctor on Friday, intending to set up a well-check for her first birthday sometime next week. They had an opening and said they would do her well-check AND see if they could help with her cough. So, I took her in (Annalie in tow) and they ended up saying they thought she had the beginnings of RSV...and they were putting her on breathing treatments to nip it before it got worse.

Well, the "breathing treatments" they referred to and prescribed were actually small doses of albuterol syrup. So she takes them by mouth rather than through the nebulizer machine. They also referred us to a pediatric neurologist due to the fact that the right side of her body is slightly weaker than the left.

So, after telling Nick what the doctor said, he asked me to pass the news on to the rest of the family. I did and was shocked to get a text from mom later that afternoon that read, "I just heard the news. If dad can find me a ticket do you want some help for a few days?"

Let me just say I was FLOORED! I never thought that someone would offer to do such a wonderful thing for me and while I longed to say yes, the more rational part of me said, "you'll be ok, she doesn't have to spend her time off and her money on you..." Then she called me. And I can't even express in words how overwhelmed I was with gratitude for a mother that would be willing to leave her vacation early, fly a state away and be willing to help me pick up the pieces of a quite exhausting week.

All I could think of was how much I had not gotten done during the week. I knew about the PILE of clothes in the hallway waiting to be washed. And the juice spills on the kitchen floor I just hadn't gotten back to wipe up. Not to mention my craft space...(really, I won't mention it again).

But, that being said, here she is...rocking my babies and singing songs and exercising Brookie's right side. Teaching me how to cook and tricks for helping Brooklyn's oh-so-chapped little nose.

We had a wonderful lesson in our combined R.S. and P.H. today and the teacher said this, "Little things are just little things. But faithfulness in little things is a great thing." Let me tell you, having a mother being faithful to the little things, like serving her family, is a great thing to me!!!

Now that I have spilled my gooey and emotional [pumpkin] guts, onto Halloween!!

It was a bummer that Brookie didn't get to stay in her costume longer because it turned out amazingly adorable. This little ladybug is definitely one worth catching and hanging on to!!

My other little girl is growing up WAY TOO FAST! In fact, she's already planning her wedding. So much in fact that she's already got the dress picked out. Here she is modeling! She has it all...from the veil to the and jewelry. Let me tell you, her costume was a keeper (and a quick thanks to my mom who sewed it all)!!

In this next picture, I don't know how well you can see it, but it's the best one I had. My brother and I handed out candy from our van's "trunk" while Nick took Annalie around to get her "treats". Well, I guess we looked bodyless or something, because we got a lot of people saying "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU??" and "How are you doing that?!"

So, here we are on Sunday, making Halloween cookies with Grandma. Annalie had a blast, and Brooklyn really liked throwing the cookie cutters on the floor and saying, "uh-oh."

Grampa Teasebucket, these last 2 pictures are just for taught her well!

Thanks again to a wonderfully selfless mom and grandma. I don't know what we would do without you!