Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crepe Night

Hey Guys!!! Sorry i havent put anything up here in FOREVER! Life is so crazy and I seem to just barely be keeping up. School is going great and I am loving life- My roommates are awesome and we have so much fun together. Here are some pics of our crepe night we had the other day because they had to do a french cultural activity for their French Classes. For future reference, Crepes + nutella +bannanas + whipped cream = Heavenly Deliciousness! Love you all!
My Awesome Crepe flipping skills

Left to right: Our friend Jenna, my roomates Bethany and Natassja getting ready for some yummy crepes!

Me, Bethany and Jessica getting ready to listen to some awesome French music (so they could count this as a French activity;))

Banannas, Nutella, Whipped cream= Brittany is one happy girl:)

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