Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Annalie

ugufyuutyutuyuuuu yytituuiytiuiyti8u yhiuit6iytijyhoyokuyiouiuiyutiuyyhiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

She says, "I love Annalie, so I decided to do something. I love you so much. And I love you when you're smiley and care-beary. Bye!"

"I love you when you're happy. I love you when you're Ariel. I love when you play with the other pokey thing with me, Bye!"

"I love Annalie, I love you best. I remind you and I love you, but I really don't like when your sister says 'no Sara' but I like when she says 'Brittany' I love you and I miss you, Bye."

These are direct quotes from her. She told me that she was reading what she typed.

Isn't she lovely??

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