Monday, February 21, 2011

Not that Much

Sorry to report that there isn't all that much going on here in the desert.

We DID get some rain over the weekend, but other than that, it's been pretty laid back around here.

That's probably since we've all been laying around for the past week or so.

Last weekend (after taking care of a tender-tummied Annalie for a week or so) Brooklyn and Momma came down with some nasty cold virus. Apparently it's going around. Here are my girls eating a bland breakfast one morning as we were taking it easy for Annalie's little tummy. Don't you love that they are glued to Curious George?

Just as Momma and Brooklyn started to get over the cold virus, Daddy and Annalie came down with it. So sad. Aren't the chapped cheeks on Annalie so sad? That's from the tears running down her face after coughing fits. :(

On the bright side, Brooklyn has discovered Elmo "MoMo" as she calls him.

She has also started saying "where are you?" but it comes out "weh-o-you" (SO CUTE). She has been having trouble sleeping and I think we have tried EVERYTHING (including the infant swing, which she likes, but doesn't help her sleep).

Oh well. Like I said, not too much going on. Just one last picture for you all:

it made me think of Dakota (who Annalie asked me about the other day. She told me that he was better because Heavenly Father fixed him. And she told me she will go to Heavenly Father's house sometime to play with him.)

I don't know when I'll get to post pictures again. Hopefully all my sub stuff will get worked out and then we can go get a new camera. Until then...Love you all!

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  1. Oh i hope you all get feeling better! Cute pictures though! You all are sooo cute :)