Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glorious Adventures in Rexburg :)

These are my new roomies minus one! From left to right: Me, Alisha, Natalie, Kali and Mary Anne.

I love my new roomies :) This one has my actual room roomie in it! (Kaity far left) This was at our ward opening social.

Experimenting with science! OHHH YEAH!

Ya know the country song "Big Green Tractor" ???

.... Well i found me one :) Love that song!

Valentines Day :)

Our lovely decor!


Using Moms pan she gave me!

Having fun experimenting with flipping techniques!

Mmmmmm... one word, DELICIOUS! :) enough said!
I dont know what my problem is but i can never get this part to go to the top, so I will just start it here:) HELLOOOOOOOOO!!! I Miss you all so much! This semester has been great. Hard with my nursing classes and all but still great! Besides studying and doing homework, we find lots of fun things to do in this Frozen Tundra, as you can see! :) We have done lots more stuff too but I would fill up this whole thing and that would not be good! (sorry there is so many pictures but I had a hard time choosing) I hope you all are having a fabulous week and working hard! Keep it up! Remember who you are and that I love you!
-Coolest Sister Ever ;)


  1. Wow, Sara! Yours turned out way better than mine ever do!!! Nice work!

  2. I am sure yours are just fine but thank you! They were tasty! :)