Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Weekend

Hey Family,

Happy Valentine's Weekend! Last week was pretty crazy for both Hannah and I. Hannah has been teaching PE at a local school for her class and also we've been practicing her cool new teaching skills with our primary class. So far their favorite game is probably when we 'go on a bear hunt.' It is fun to listen to all the neat ideas and skills that teachers learn to teach and control a classroom of kids.

I have been swamped as usual with pharmacy school. This last unit we studied hormone replacement drugs including oral contraceptives as well as dosage forms, such as oral, IV, IM, SubQ, and liquid preparations. I was sort of surprised how much there is to know about each dosage form. You see a pill and think "Wow, thats easy" but there is a lot behind it that you don't see. Anyway, both of us are doing great and enjoyed a nice Valentine's dinner date at a Korean restaurant that we went to when we first started dating. It was fun. Tomorrow is the real day and I have a fun surprise for Hannah. Ha ha, i guess you will have to check in next week to see what it is.

Love ya'll!

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