Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Lengthy Post from Juli!

Well, it was another week here at our house. And just a heads-up, I really do worry about taking up too much of the blog with our silly little pictures, so please, if there are too many, just say so. I guess honestly, I really just miss getting to share the little moments of our life with you all and thought this would be a good way to bring those little moments to you, and help me feel not quite so alone in them.

Nick is crazy-tired these days. I think he's lucky to get about 4 hours of sleep in each night. So, we are learning how to multi-task at our house. Here he is getting in some daddy-time with the girls while still managing to get in some shut-eye.

In keeping with our goofy tradition, Annalie helped Nick mow the lawn Saturday morning. She really enjoyed it this time.

Unfortunately, Nick happened to disturb an ant hill while mowing one corner of the lawn and after being nearly eaten alive (!) himself, he let Annalie help him flood the area to try and rid our yard of the vermin.

Poor little Brookie was distraught at being left-out of the demolition and shed huge tears of sadness at the scene of the horror.

Annalie is quite the little rascal these days. She likes getting into everything she is not supposed to. From running around the house in 6 of mommy's shirts (that I had just finished hanging in the closet)... painting her fingernails with markers she somehow managed to find...

...she keeps me really busy. But on the other hand, she can be an amazing helper. Just check out this pile of clothes she folded all by herself. Don't you love the proud, satisfied look on her face? Priceless!

Brooklyn's little personality is really starting to come out. In the past week she got moved to a big carseat...

...started crawling, started talking (she now says "daddy" and "uh-oh") as well as clapping, blowing kisses, kissing our cheeks, walking while only holding onto one of my fingers...

...and just tonight she started barking. Adorable.

Don't you think so?

Of course, our big news for the week is that little Brooklyn is now a year old. Can you believe it?! ONE!! It went so fast. Thank you again to all of you that helped us get her here. We could not have done it without all of you. Mom and Dad for waiting on me hand and foot and keeping track of little Annalie while I was out-of-commission. Chris and Hannah for helping so much while everyone was out of town that first terrifying week of bedrest. Brittany and Sara, I couldn't have made it through without our little chats and those nights of girl-movies. I truly can't say thank you enough. You helped give us our little girl.

Here are some pictures from the big day. (I want to say a quick thanks to Hannah's mom for making the beautiful dress she is wearing! It fit just in time!) And no, I could not leave Annalie out of the photo-shoot fun, so yes, there are some of here in here as well.

(Our personal favorite!)

I hope you enjoyed them and that you all have a wonderful week. We know there are lots of super-exciting things happening in the next couple of days and we can't wait to hear about them. We are also really looking forward to Mom and Dad's visit this week and have some fun things planned for while they are here. We'll be sure to keep you "posted" on all of our adventures! ;) Until next time...


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  1. I love all your pictures so keep it up! You never have too many of your cute family and little chicas! Aww these pictures are by far my favorite so far! SO jealous mom and dad get to come see you guys so soon! :/ we for sure need to skype sometime soon! Miss ya and love ya tons!
    -Sara :)