Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Long Week

Well, another week is another week.

Annalie has asked for Grandma every morning this week. I seriously considered climbing in the car with the girls and driving for 12 hours just to give her what she wanted. :) (And to see the "snow" that was supposedly headed your way).

Brookie has cut 2 teeth this week and while you can't see them in pictures yet, they are there. I found Brooklyn had curled herself up inside the movie cupboard one day this week. Sorry about the blurry picture, I was trying to catch her all stuffed in, but she moved. :(

Here is the highlight of our week. Tuesday night, Nick came home to have FHE with us. We decided we should probably start that habit sooner rather than later. Annalie's current favorite BoM story is Samuel the Lamanite. So, we sang a song, prayed and then reviewed the story. We talked about other examples in the Book of Mormon that had to make good choices when others wanted to hurt them for those choices (Abinidi, Nephi). Then came the fun part. Daddy pretended to be Samuel and told us (the people) to "Make good choices because Jesus will be born".

Well, we talked about how 'the people' tried to hurt Samuel and Heavenly Father protected him. Well, since Annalie and I were 'the people' we got to try to "hurt" Samuel by throwing marshmallows at him. But Heavenly Father protected Samuel because marshmallows are soft and couldn't hurt him. :)

Note the white streak in front of Nick's shirt--Annalie's very deliberate aim...

...and then Annalie got a turn to be Samuel.

It was quite the evening and she really enjoyed it. I am hoping that this week's lesson goes as well as last week.

We hope you all have a great week too. We miss you all more than you know!

P.S. We are super excited to post Halloween pictures next week. Wish you were here to trick-or-treat with us!

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