Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Visit

Of course, we had to write about our visit from Grandma Angel and Grandpa Dirt.

On Wednesday morning, we got up and went to run some errands. I told Annalie that Grandma and Grandpa were coming tomorrow. She asked me if she could go to grandma's house because she was all buckled up to go on the big roads. Then she said "Just kidding, they are coming to my house. Are Grandpa Dirt and Grandma Angel going to bring Dakota with them?" I reminded her that Dakota is living with Heavenly Father. And she said, "But Heavenly Father made him all better now, can he come home?" It was a little hard to explain that one to a two-year-old, but I tried anyways.

Thursday morning when we got up, I told Annalie that grandma and grandpa would be there for lunch time and that we should party when they got here. She told me that we couldn't have a party because we didn't have any balloons or presents. So we went and got some. :)

Annalie was really excited when Grandpa called her on skype and asked her to come outside and show him where her house was. When I explained that g-ma and g-pa were by the park, she started freaking out and could hardly get her flip-flops on fast enough. She started crying that they weren't going to find her. So, we rushed out the door just in time for them to drive up the street.

Annalie wasted no time putting Grandma to work playing.

Of course, the IPAD was a hit with both the girls (thank goodness mom and dad both have one, eh?).

Mom bought Halloween hats for both the girls and they enjoyed hanging out in them off and on during the weekend.

Friday, we spent the day at the pumpkin patch. No surprise here, Annalie was crazy-spoiled! :) She got to do everything from her first real pony ride to pig races.

The petting zoo was a hit with Annalie but Brookie didn't like the goats very much.

Annalie took a bit to warm up to the carousel. It only took 3 turns to get a good smile out of her.

She even got to ride a train...

...AND pick out a pumpkin to take home. :D

Brookie, naturally, was content to just be there.

It was a wonderful day.

Saturday grandma and grandpa took her to get a new Cinderella dress at the Disney store, since she had outgrown the other one. Then she spent the afternoon "booming" grandpa (holding onto the tied part of a balloon and hitting grandpa with it), while grandma showed mommy how to cook a roast and hemmed Annalie's new pants.

Sunday was a bit of a hard morning. Annalie knew what was coming and avoided it by keeping grandma busy with her as long as possible. When it came time for them to go, she crawled in the back of the van into her seat and said we had to follow them. So we did as far as we could on our way to church.

It was a wonderful weekend and we are so grateful for all that Mom and Dad do for us and our kids. We can't wait to come visit you next time. Thanks for the great memories!

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  1. Aww so cute! So jealous! :) I miss those chicas!
    -Sara :)