Monday, October 4, 2010

Yea! it is October!

Hi everyone,
We had a great weekend off and on with the girls and listening to the prophets.  Although we missed seeing the rest of you.  We are excited for our little Brooklyn's first birthday and always enjoy talking to our princesses on skype.  We had some really good visits with Annalie last week and even got to see Booklyn crawl.  Go Brookie!!
Dad and I are really looking forward to our trip to Arizona since we have been missing our little angel girls.
It was fun to have Sara home this weekend and was nice meeting some of her Idaho friends.  And we always look forward to having Brittany home.  We haven't been as lucky with Chris and Hannah as they are very busy with school and work.  Grandma and Grandpa Morgan haven't had to visit for awhile but will be coming again shortly after we get back from Arizona.  Grandma and Grandpa Newman leave for London in the morning and are now set up with skype also.

School is a daily struggle, the kids are great and a handful all at the same time.  It is a strange year.  The temple on the other hand is a blessing and a lot of fun.  Dad comes with me on the Saturday's that their is not a BYU game so we both get in two sessions a week when they are away.

I guess that is enough for now and hope and pray that you are all well and are studying hard.  We have you in our prayers constantly and will continue to do so.  We love you and are so proud of the good people that you are!   Love you all, Mom

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