Sunday, October 24, 2010

Masquerade Ball

Hello Family! This was a great week for sure! I aced two of my midterms and did pretty well on all my quizzes! Happy day, but i have three next week so pray for me please, especially on Thursday! ANYWAYS... Can you believe it? This weekend, I, Sara Newman actually dressed up like a real girl and went to a fancy dance! I kept thinking about Annalie and Cinderella! All of my roommates and myself went to the BYU-I Masquerade Ball! It was really fun and it got me out of my bubble! :)
 We decided to "Clash so bad, we matched" as I like to put it. haha Nikki hates when things don't match so for the fun of it we decided to make a statement and did not match! :) (It kinda helped that Bobby didn't have anything that matched the dress either, so we went with it)
 Our roommates right before the dance! Glad we got everyone to go!
 These are the random masks we decided to make! We didn't wear them a ton at the dance cuz they felt funny and were hard to see in but it was still fun to wear for a bit!

This is me in my dress before the Ball with my awesome clashing colors. And yes mom I even wore my blue and green converse under a formal finally! haha :) Wish i had a picture of them on with my dress, but oh well! I hope you all have a wonderful week and get lots done! You all are amazing and I miss ya tons as always! Keep me updated on all your doing!
Luv ur guts
-Sara :)


  1. Hello Hottie! Wow Sara, you look so amazingly grown up in these pictures! Where did my cute little Sara go? :) Your dress is amazing and you look absolutely beautiful! Wow!! That's all I can say. Miss your guts girl!

  2. All grown up eh? Thanks Juli, you are too nice! It was a lot of fun though and a way fun dress to wear! :) I felt like Annalie in a princess dress!