Monday, September 13, 2010

Crazy Week

Hey all!  

I thought I would let you all know how things are going and hopefully I won't overwhelm you.  

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes...and sorry I missed some of you.  Annalie was quite the little rascal this week, into all kinds of mischief.  It gets a little bit crazy being home with her and it's harder than I thought it would be, but at the same time I know she needs it.  She asks for Daddy every morning as soon as she gets up and sometimes cries when I tell her he is in class.  She has also been known to tell him he "can't do homework" in a very forceful voice when he does finally get home.  He is trying to make sure he spends some time with her, but it's hard with his schedule, being in class or on campus until late 3 days each week.  However, she has really enjoyed watching BYU football with him at Nana's house on Saturdays and he has taught her to say "Game Time!" every time he asks her "What time is it?!"

Brooklyn is now 11 months old!!  Does it feel like she should be that big yet? Her 1st birthday is less than a month away now and I am trying to figure out what we can do to make it special for her.  She learned how to pull herself up on things this last week... all the way to a standing position and has started to walk along the edge of the couch while she holds on.  She babbles A LOT and has discovered her voice, which means she has a very high pitch squeal whenever she is excited.  She loves this goofy little elephant that my dad gave her and LOVES babies.  She also likes to color and read books and she is starting to dance on her own when she hears music. And I can't believe that she grew 2 inches in the last month...I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep these kiddos in clothes!

Nick is working like crazy, up till all hours of the night doing homework, and out the door again bright and early the next morning.  He seems to be handling the workload pretty well and says it isn't really that hard, just very time consuming.  We don't see him much, even on the weekends, but we try to make as much as we can out of the time we do get to see him.

I am trying to get the girls on a schedule so that I can get things done while they are sleeping.  If only I could get them to go to sleep before 10 so I had the energy to work after they are down.  Things are going better in that area though.  I have also tried out some new recipes and am looking forward to trying more since the past few have turned out pretty good.  It's silly, but I have to take pictures to document my domestic progress since it's so exciting to me.  I am hoping to finish the odds and ends unpacking so I can take pictures of the house for all to see.

Annalie wants to say hi really fast: ze4rinvvnvnnvnvvhhjtuioiftrdk4erugjgvffjueieiuehrfmg vjfjfgrgrigobufjhvf fmirifyfrnhfijf hvmufjdncjm  4   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.  -- nte She just told me that "A is for Annalie."  :)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -- She says, "These are my other a's."

Anywho, I thought I would share some pictures, if there are too many just let me know and I will put less next time.  
Here's Brookie taking her first bubble bath.  We finally got brave enough to test out the bubble bath solution on her goofy skin, and luckily, no reaction!  She really enjoyed herself too!
We went to the temple last Sunday so that Nick could take come pictures for a class.  Brookie was really happy...
...and Annalie was thrilled to be there, as always. But it really bothers here that there is no Moroni on the top.
This is Annalie saying, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!!!"  Ha! Isn't it a cute face?
And here are my beautiful girls riding horsey on Daddy and loving it!

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  1. Sounds like you guys are doing awesome! Oh and you can never have too many pictures! They are way cute and wow, brookie is just growing up too fast! Tell the chicas Auntie Sara says hello! Love ya all and miss ya! :)