Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy's Girls

This week was another week. Nick is still crazy busy and we are trying to remember why we chose this. :) We know it will be good for us in the long run, but it has been quite the adjustment for all of us. 

Annalie is taking it hardest.  She longs for daddy-time and rarely leaves his side when he is home.  For example, Nick is tucked away in his "blue room" as Annalie calls it, attempting to get some reading done for Tuesday's class, and Annalie and Brookie are both sitting on the floor beneath his feet. :)

She did get some daddy-time on Saturday while Nick was working on a video project for class.  He and a partner were supposed to display a "hidden talent" through a video.  Nick chose teaching sports to a girl as his talent.  So his partner came over to video tape Nick and Annalie playing football, cheering on a team, playing Madden on the XBOX and drinking out of their sports mugs.  It took most of the day for his partner to get the footage she wanted, so Annalie got a lot of time with him--which is good for me. 

She also helped him mow the lawn, a new tradition forming.  She likes to pull the grass and put it in front of the mower for him.

The girls and I have found joy in our weekly trips to the temple.  Every Wednesday morning we go have a "picnic" at the temple, with Aunt Suzanne and the cousins. (Really we walk around the grounds and then sit down and have snacks while the girls play).  It is a good chance for us to get out of the house for a bit. The girls love being outside and although it is still horribly hot out, we are trying to learn to enjoy the warm, fresh air.

Brooklyn is continuing to grow up before our eyes.  She now not only pulls up on things, but walks along the edge of the furniture as well.  She has discovered eating ANYTHING she finds off the floor, including these post-it notes Annalie was 'making a book' with the other day. We are looking forward to celebrating her birthday next weekend (a week early, but we are sharing the party-day with cousin Andy born only a few days before her) during conference, and having her 1-year photo shoot sometime soon. We will make sure to share the pictures as soon as we take them.

Annalie is getting more and more curious each and every day.  She is always finding something new to get into.  Today she found some paper circles from the 3-hole punch and asked us if we had any more 'gravel' for her to play with.  She still loves building temples with her blocks (please note the 'Angel Moroni' at the top of the blue one).  She reminded us this week that she needed a white, married dress so that she could get married in the temple to Prince Brenton.

We are all doing well.  The girls love each other and are learning to share and play together kindly.  We hope you are all doing well and know that we love and miss you all more than words can say.

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  1. awwwww..... SO cute! :) I miss my little chicas! (And you and nick too) haha I miss annalie always asking me to play with her! Holy Cow is Brookie getting big! Can't believe she is almost 1!
    -Sara :)