Monday, September 27, 2010

Date in Idaho :)

Nikki saved me!
I got my nervous genes from mom and started sweating really bad right before my date! Good thing Nikki was there to help! :)
We made yummy home made pizza and played games, it was a blast!
I couldn't find a really good picture of him cuz he is kinda a goof ball but this is Bobby by the way!
Me waiting for my date to come! haha :) I came out in my normal clothes but of course my roomies had different plans for me so they dressed me up in their "cool" clothes! Ha ha it was fun to get out of my plain saraness and try something new! :)
This week has been another great week in Idaho! Physiology is stressing me out a little bit because my teacher is just not as good as over the summer unfortunately but I will get through it! My weekend was a blast!:) I got asked out on my first date in Idaho this weekend by my good friend Bobby. He was brave and even came and knocked on the door to ask! :) I had a blast on Saturday for sure! Bobby is from San Diego, although his Grandma lives like 5 minutes away from our house apparently! I am loving Rexburg, and have made some pretty great friends here! :) Anyways  I hope you are all doing well! I miss you like crazy like always but it sure is fun to see all your fun pictures so keep posting, it is great to hear from you all! 
luv ur guts
-Sara :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sara. I feel so out of the loop lately. It's good to see that you are having so much fun at school. I miss you girlie!