Sunday, September 19, 2010

It Could be Worse :D

Well,  I'm back...and feeling like I write too much since everyone else writes just a quick paragraph, but it sounds like everyone is doing well. 

The highlights from our week:
1. I may have burnt the roast, but at least I tried...and will have to try again!
Or, maybe I will have Annalie try next time.  She sure is a good cook, Grandma taught her well!!!
 2.  Brookie started signing.  She says "eat" and "more" when she wants food. AND she ate real, grown-up mashed potatoes (mixed with baby carrots) for the first time.
3.  Annalie has developed a 'sibling rivalry' of sorts and is trying desperately to get our attention, through good and bad ways, especially by taking Brookie's things, including her bed!  So we started a sticker chart when she makes good choices, AND it's almost full! Yay for her!
4.  We got to see Nick for a while on Friday night! Yay for us all!

I hope you all have a great week! We know that we will! We love and miss you ALL so very, very much!

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  1. Juli. I love your pictures. It is hard not to be around those little angels. Tanks for posting pictures. It brings a few rays of sunshine into my day.