Monday, September 20, 2010

News from the Grumpy Bear

You all have done such a great job keeping us updated on what you are doing. I am pretty boring though. No pictures or anything like that. I do have to say I miss getting up at 1130pm to tell People to be quiet in the kitchen. I sometimes wake up and hear Annalie or Brooky crying. It is not really them but for an instant I get excited that I will get to see them then I realize that their mean parents hauled them off to purgatory.

Mom is great, but it is not the same without all of you. I miss Sara and her wild singing and loud laughing. I miss not being able to tease Brittany about Zach. Chris and Nick seem to be pretty busy with school so it is just mom and I. Pretty weird. One day last week during dinner, she browsed the Internet on her computer and I browsed email on my Ipad. We didn't talk much I hope she plans on keeping the grumpy bear around for a while cause I get lonely without all of you. Maybe it is time to get that new puppy! She is by herself this week,( mom not the puppy) so I have my fingers crossewd that she will let me come home.

I am in Wisconsin for the week so nothing exciting going on. I have to speak tomorrow so I have to get ready today.

I have found it entertaining to follow Nick on Twitter. I will have to a get some lessons from him. Keep posting everyone.

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  1. You miss my obnoxious singing? WHAT?!?!?! haha :) I miss you too and yes to the puppy! I think you need one so you two have something interesting going on at home! hee hee luv ur guts
    -sara :)